Brutal Triathlon 2017 - 'A Pre-Race Interview'

Set in the heart of Snowdonia the world’s toughest triathlon is about to be taken on by UoN Tri. With athletes covering both Ironman and Double Ironman distances, its set to be a tough and challenging event. I recently caught up with each of the 5 UoN Tri team members heading to the hills, to ask them a few key questions.


Rosa – Ironman Distance

1.     Sum up your expectations for the day’s race in 3 words?“Bring it on”

2.     What’s your pre-race song?“The greatest by Sia”

3.     Who will have the quickest T1 time?“I want a cuppa tea after the swim so probs not me”

4.     What’s your favourite shape?“Circle”


Chris – Ironman Distance

1.     What’s your race plan in one sentence?“To finish the race not far from Rosa”

2.     How are you feeling towards the welsh terrain? – “Always prepared to stop for sheep”

3.     What’s shape is your pre-race pasta?“The shape of my extra large bowl”

4.     What colour inspires you?“Indigo because it’s between blue and violet two completely random colours”


James – Double Ironman Distance…Yes DOUBLE IRONMAN

1.     What preparations have you made for the Welsh weather? – “Probably not enough. I’m definitely wearing gloves on the swim and will just pray the bike isn’t too wet. I’m going to take a spare layer on the bike because the bike laps are fairly long but I’m not stooping to mudguards. Don’t think the weather will be too much of an issue on the ‘run’ since I expect it to be more of a fast hike”

2.     How do you fuel for a double ironman?“Keasey put it best saying, ‘It’s more of a glorified eating competition than a triathlon’ For me I plan to alternate custard creams and energy gels on the bike cos they’re easy to digest; I’m expecting to eat around 100 of each. I’ll probably get a weird craving part way round and will eat anything I can get my hands on.”

3.     Who’s will have the quickest T1 time? – “It’s quite a long run from the lake to transition so I’m not expecting a blazing fast time but that will be the only section I have a chance of being faster than Rosa or Chris so I’ll definitely pay particular attention to that, after all its free time. Also without the T1 aficionados of the club racing for once I might be fastest.”

4.     If you were a cereal what cereal would you be? - “I’m a big fan of mixing cereals so very hard to choose but I’d like to be a crunchy nut”


Dervla – Team Cheerleader

1.     What’s your best cheering technique?“Shouting ‘GEHEN SIE SCHNELLER’ at the top of my lungs, dressed in bright orange clothes with a bib of their face badly photoshopped onto a famous athlete’s body. This week I’m thinking Javier Gomez for Chris, Richard Murray for James and flora Duffy for Rosa.”

2.     What’s your top motivational song? – ‘Toss up between, one step closer to heaven - S club (for Snowdon), DJ fresh – Lassitude or Run – Amy Macdonald. Too hard to distinguish between them to be honest”

3.     In a supermarket which aisle are you most likely to be found in? – “In a supermarket I will most likely be found in the cheese aisle deciding between brie and camembert for my weekly cheese.”


Matt – Team Cheerleader

1.     What’s your top motivational song? – “Shania Twain, You’re still the one”

2.     What’s your best cheering technique? – “Constant singing but also twisting lyrics to fit the competitors name to give the song a personal feel.”

3.     How does it feel to be driving the squad whip? – “It feels amazing to be driving the squad whip. I feel like a proud parent taking their kids on a weekend to Snowdonia. Get ready for some absolute tunes.”


We wish our athletes every success as they take on this epic challenge and UoN tri will be supporting you all the way, go smash it