Our Committee

Meet your committee for 2018/19…

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Role: President

Name: Alan Cousins

Welcome! I’m a 4th German student and I’ll be leading the club this year. I’ll be supporting everyone else in their roles on the committee, answering your questions and tri-ing to make your year with triathlon the best it can be!

Fun fact: I love fancy dress and Karaoke, preferably both at the same time.


Role: Vice President


Hi I'm Miriam, this year's Vice President. I'm a third year Physio student. I started triathlon just 2 years ago when I came to Nottingham, so am still quite new to it. Any questions feel free to send them my way.

Fun fact: I once ran into a brick wall and broke my arm!


Role: Treasurer


I’m in 3rd year studying sport rehab. Relatively new to triathlon but it’s definitely the best thing I’ve done at uni so far! I’ll be looking after this years finances.

Fun fact: I thought I was okay at cycling until I hospitalised myself on the first day of this years training camp to Majorca


Role: Notts Triathlon


I got into triathlon after one of my school teachers challenged one of the class to race against her. I loved the atmosphere at the race and was hooked. Since coming to Nottingham I've only got more involved in the sport through the club (yes we even welcome PhD students). I may not be the fastest swimmer but I'm always up for a dip in a new body of water.

Fun fact: I now coach as well as train with the club.


Role: Club Captain


I'm a final year management student, and your male club captain. As club captain, I'll be organising Sunday bike rides, circuits and wattbikes together with Lucy

Fun fact: Biggest achievement: winner of the rear of the year 2016



 Role: Club Captain

Hello I'm Lucy! I joined triathlon last year and absolutely loved it despite never swimming properly before! So... I decided to carry it on this year... and join the committee - figured that by the time I finish my course (7 years) I might be able to keep up with everyone at the swimming sessions! I'll aim to make the sessions inclusive and fun!

Fun fact: When not on my road bike I can be seen round campus on my 'sit up and beg' commuter bike complete with basket! On my bucket list for 3rd year is to cycle round campus with an ET look alike in my basket.


Role: General Secretary/ Welafre


I’m a 3rd year English student and this year’s general secretary and welfare officer. When I was 14, I realised I didn’t know how to swim and took myself along to swimming lessons with 7 year olds. From there, I started running and cycling and dipped in and out of triathlon until joining UoNTri in first year. Now, I train to de-stress and spend time with lovely and likeminded people.

Fun fact: I have to take snacks everywhere I go so that I don’t faint.

Write here...

Role: Trips Secretary


I am in my fourth year studying languages. I joined the club in second year having never done triathlon before. As trips Sec I will be organising the club’s annual trips to the Peaks in Autumn and Majorca in Spring.

Fun fact: I have been interviewed by Russian state media...


Role: Engage Secretary


I am a third year mechanical engineering student and have been doing triathlon for about 5 years now. I started by joining the school club and taking part in mini races held at the sports centre nearby. Since, I have participated in many more races and love being part of the club here in Nottingham.

Fun fact: I can play the french national anthem with just a spoon


Role: Publicity Secretary


I am a third year Biochemistry student and will be in charge of the clubs’s social media pages this year. I have been a swimmer for as long as I can remember and wanted challenge myself at uni so decided to join tri in my first year. I may be more of a social member, but you will always find me at circuits especially after a messy night a Crisis.

Fun Fact: I have never missed a social


Role: Social Secretary


I am currently a 2nd Year physics student (we're not all boring I promise). I've been running for a few years now and boogieing for even longer, so when I joined uni I decided to step it up to triathlon having seen what the community was like. Flora and I will be running your socials this year!

Fun Fact: I bought the pint in that photo 7 minutes before my train... which I missed. Also my current 5k event PB was set on whilst I was on crutches, at a strong 41 minutes


Role: Social Secretary


I’m in my second year of chemistry. I have done triathlon for 3 years now. I started just after I saw my mum take part in her first triathlon and saw the team spirit and all the encouragement she got even though she wasn’t one of the fastest. Triathlon helped me settle into uni a lot easier by making more new friends so I wanted to try return the favour for someone else by joining the committee.

Fun Fact: I have been to 22 different parkruns including one in Paris and one in Milan