Our Committee

Every year the members of UoN Triathlon have the opportunity to vote for their new committee for the academic year. Below is a titbit of information about each member of committee for 2016/17 and their role in the club. Feel free to send any queries their way!

2016/17 Committee on their "Committee-Bonding Trip". L-R: M. Phillips, K. Hewitt, D. Ireland, H. Gibbs, K. Owen, Z. Jennings, R. Lavelle-Hill, C. Koh, S. Broomhead, K. Henderson.

2016/17 Committee on their "Committee-Bonding Trip".

L-R: M. Phillips, K. Hewitt, D. Ireland, H. Gibbs, K. Owen, Z. Jennings, R. Lavelle-Hill, C. Koh, S. Broomhead, K. Henderson.


Rosa Lavelle-Hill

Role: President

About: I'm a 2nd Year PhD student in Psychology and Computer Science (bit of an odd combo I know). I did my Undergrad in Psychology at Nottingham too, and have been a part of the club for 4 years! I've previously had the roles of social sec and club captain, so feel free to ask me anything!

Fun fact: Before I got into triathlon I played football for 10 years.

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Dervla Ireland

Role: Vice-President

About: I'm a 3rd year medic, and this is also my 3rd year in triathlon! If you have any questions about joining triathlon send them my way - similarly I'm also the person to ask about our snazzy kit. A keen first aider, so let's hope we don't meet in that capacity... 

Fun fact: I own a Bonsai named Bastien.

Matt Phillips

Role: Treasurer

About: I'm a 3rd year Maths student and have been part of the club for 2 years now. I'll be responsible for the clubs finances, including: sponsorship, budgeting and event financing.

Fun Fact: I won a Christmas rap battle in secondary school.


Emily Walton

Role: General Secretary

About: Hi I'm Emily, your general secretary. I'm a third year vet student on the mysterious SB campus, hence my passion for sheep. However my passions extend to triathlon, especially the running aspect. I'll be organising all the clubs emails and calendar, as well as being in charge of communicating this information to the rest of our members.

Fun Fact: I love sheep.




Sam Broomhead

Role: Club Captain

About: I'm Sam a second year Biology student. My job in committee, alongside Katherine, is to lead circuits , plan Sunday bike rides, organise leaders and other UoN Tri events. I’ve been doing Triathlon for 6 years now and having had so much fun with the club last year, decided being a part of the committee would be ideal in taking my love (obsession) for the sport to the next level. Hopefully that will rub off and you’ll get as much out of the tri club as I do. 

Fun Fact: I bring chocolate bars and energy gels to clubs on a night out.

Katherine Owen

Role: Club Captain

About: I'm Katherine, a second year medic and I started triathlon at the beginning of first year. I'll be organising training and training camps alongside Sam. If you have any queries about training, send them our way!

Fun fact: In my first three triathlon races last year I had a puncture in each one - gator skins are the way forward.







Chris Koh

Role: Events Secretary

About: 3rd year Maths & economics student. I'll be organising the GoTri Events and the most important event of the year - the Varsity Triathlon.

Fun Fact: I can juggle.

Hannah Gibbs

Role: Trip Secretary

About: I'm a 3rd year Nat Sci Student and long time triathlete (providing I can stay vertical on my bike and use my legs on the run). I'll be organising the popular Majorca trip as well as the local training camp in the Peak District.

Fun Fact: I have an exceptional sense of balance.

Adam Ford

Role: Publicity Secretary

About: I'm a second year Environmental Science student and it's also my second year in the club. I'm responsible for all our social media and other aspects of the club's publicity.

Fun fact: Cried when I got my first Strava KOM.


Zach Jennings

About: I'm a second year environmental science student. I've never done a triathlon but I'm one of two responsible for organising socials for the club.

Fun fact: I once drank two jäger pints...


Role: Social Secretary

About: 2nd year Georgrapher at the Uni. A keen and competitive triathlete coming from a swimming background. One half of your social sec team for the coming year bringing a bit of Northern wit and spirit to the mix. 

Fun Fact: 2015 Women's 'backyard tri' Champion