Our Committee

Every year the members of UoN Triathlon have the opportunity to vote for their new committee for the academic year. Below is a titbit of information about each member of committee for 2017/18 and their role in the club. Feel free to send any queries their way!

 2017/18 Committee on their "Committee-Bonding Trip".  L-R: Top: T. King, M. Gala, A. Reteif, S. Somerville, M. Phillips,  Bottom: R. Lavelle-Hill, H. Gibbs, M. Tyler, K. Hewitt, D. Ireland

2017/18 Committee on their "Committee-Bonding Trip".

L-R: Top: T. King, M. Gala, A. Reteif, S. Somerville, M. Phillips,

Bottom: R. Lavelle-Hill, H. Gibbs, M. Tyler, K. Hewitt, D. Ireland

Matt Phillips

Role: President

About: I'm a 4th year Maths student who will be responsible for running one of the best clubs at the University! Ask me anything, but nothing about double Ironmans, please. 

Fun Fact: My current parkrun PB came after a lovely night in A&E, thanks to another committee member 


Hannah Gibbs

Role: Vice President

About: I'm a 4th year Nat Sci student and long time triathlete. I will be Matt's sidekick for the year as well as organising club kit. I've been part of the club since first year so ask me anything about the club! 

Fun Fact: I cycled for so long this summer I had to tie my head to my bike so that I could see where I was going!


stewart somerville 

Role: Treasurer

About: I’m a 4th year studying architecture and environmental design. This is only my second year doing triathlon, but loved first year so much that I wanted to become part of committee! I will be responsible for the clubs finances and sponsors 

Fun Fact: I got disqualified in my first ever triathlon because, despite being treasurer, I was unable to count out five laps 

Rosa Pic.png

rosa lavelle-hill

Role: Notts Triathlon

About: I'm a 3rd year PhD student in Psychology and Computer Science. I have been a part of the club for 5 years now (I feel so old) and previously had the roles of social sec, club captain and president, so feel free to ask me anything. 

Fun fact: Despite making a habit of falling off my bike. my worst injury was sustained whilst trying to squat a rugby player in Rock City.


matteo gala 

Role: Club Captain

About: I'm a 2nd year aerospace engineering student (hasn't been a good idea). This year will be my 2nd year in the Tri club and my 8th year of doing triathlon. So if you have any questions about Triathlon feel free to ask. My job is to plan Sunday rides, lead circuits and organise leaders and other UoN Tri events.

Fun fact: I can speak with gestures because I'm Italian


Miriam tyler

Role: Club Captain

About: I'm a 2nd year Physio student and only started triathlon last year. Before that I had never swum or properly cycled before! Along with Matteo, ill be organising training and Sunday rides. If you have any questions about triathlon send them our way!

Fun Fact: I ran into a wall and broke my arm



Tom King

Role: General Secretary

About: Hi I'm Tom, a 4th year Chemistry student. I joined Triathlon last year after getting a (literal) flavour from the 2015 GoTri series. I decided to join Tri committee as I had such a good warm welcome especially from Dervla when I had arguably the most memorable first experience, ask either of us. It's fun and friendly with so many different people of interest and wicked socials. I'll be organising all the clubs activities and the communication to everyone.

Fun Fact: I enjoy many sports and I'm on the UoN table tennis team.

 Write here...

Dervla Ireland

Role: Trips Secretary

About: I'm a 4th year of being a wannabe doctor and veteran triathlete (did you know I did a sprint triathlon?). I'm organising the trips and training camps. I'll be updating you on all things international, making sure you get from A to B and keeping you fed with plentiful of pasta from our Italian chef.

Fun fact: I own a Bonsai named Bastien.



Role: Engage Secretary

About: I'm a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student and relativley new to the triathlon scene. I'm responsible for organising all of the GoTri events held at the University this year. 

Fun fact: I hadn't ridden a bike since my cycling proficiency test in year 6 before I joined the club 


Kathryn hewitt

Role: Publicity Secretary

About: I’m a 3rd year triathlon loving geographer and it will also be my 3rd year with the tri club. I’ll be looking after all things of social media and publicity, so expect some edgy Instas, great Tweets and lovely Snaps

Fun fact: I can make crisis to training look easy 


sean tarrant

Role: Social Secretary

About: I'm a second year Management Student, this is my 2nd year in triathlon. Fran and I will be organising the socials this year.

Fun fact: I once got chased by a sheep....It was bigger than me 


frances rennie

Role: Social Secretary

About: A swimmer from birth, wanted a new challenge coming to uni so decided to join triathlon. I live for crisis and will be there cutting shapes weekly, please join me, I like to have friends. Mainly in it for the sesh but do love getting sweaty on a watt bike as well. 

Fun Facts: 1. Winner of the keen bean award 2k17

2. I once tri-ed a centurion