Our coaches

Our coaches work alongside athletes and are present at a number of training sessions during the week and their qualifications and expertise are highly valued at the club. Here's a little bit about them, but don't be afraid to speak to them at sessions, they're always happy to offer advice!


Jo Mallinson

Role: Head coach

I’ve been coaching triathlon since 2010 and been with UoN Tri since 2011, I’m currently training for my British Triathlon Level 3 qualification.   I started coaching as I wanted to help people achieve the best they can and show them the sport isn’t just for the elite it’s for everyone. I love coaching at the university, the students are so vibrant and it’s great seeing the smile on their faces when they progress and do something they thought they wouldn’t ever be able to do!

I look after the coaching team and the overall training programme for the club and together we aim to offer a world class triathlon programme for the university. I coach Monday and Friday swim sessions and you might even see me trying to be an athlete at some of the clubs other sessions.

Top tip: Listen to your body, if you have a niggle don't train through it, it's better to miss one session than miss weeks of training due to injury.

Fun fact: Once rode a real life bucking bronco and managed to stay on.

David Keasey

Role: Session Coach

Coaching since: 2013

Qualifications: BTF level 2

Why: Enjoy seeing people develop and improve their experience of Triathlon (hopefully!)

Top tip: Enjoyment, consistency and progression. Also don't panic if life get's in the way of training, the odd missed session isn’t going to make a difference in the long run!

Bit of info: I was a 5 year veteran of the tri club but have recently grown up and got a real job! The club took me from a complete novice to a complete tri nerd and would recommend it to everyone :) I'll be taking the run session from January so you've got 3 months to prepare....



Stephen Jones

Role: Session coach

About: I’ve been at Nottingham for 3 years, doing a Masters and now a PhD Geography and have been a member of UoNTri for all that time. I started coaching just over a year ago as a way of giving back something to the club which has been such an important part of enjoying my time at Nottingham. I’m mostly involved in coaching the swim sessions but I also cover a few of the other sessions when needed. I am currently a Level 1 British Triathlon Federation (BTF) qualified coach and also have a Leadership in Running Fitness qualification from UK Athletics. This year I’ll be undertaking my Level 2 BTF coaching qualification.

Fun Fact: I completed my first triathlon on a fold up Brompton bike


Role: Yoga Teacher (RYT200)

In 1994 I bought a Yoga DVD and practiced for the very first time at home. I fell in love with Yoga from that moment on. I’m now a qualified teacher. 

I am a barefoot dreamer, free spirit, pursuer of happiness and lover of life. I teach Yoga classes in and around Nottingham.

I’m also a Graphic Designer.

Fun Fact: I have a bright yellow car named Buttercup.